Scott Peng

Scott Peng is a member of The British Acupuncture Council and an affiliated practitioner of Zita West Fertility Network. He is a specialist acupuncturist in sports injuries, chronic pain, infertility, skin problems, and ear-nose-throat conditions. He practices acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine in his own clinic next to the Bushey train station as well as the Bushey Medical Centre.


Between 1988 and 1996, Scott majored in acupuncture in the most renowned Chinese medicine school in the world - Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. Due to outstanding achievement in his bachelor degree study, Scott obtained a 3-year scholarship for a master degree study in acupuncture. After graduation, he worked as an acupuncture doctor as well as a specialist editor in the editorial office of the top level academic magazine - The National Acupuncture Magazine of China. Scott has been practicing in UK since 1998.

In his treatment, Scott combines traditional Chinese medicine theory with modern medicine knowledge. He uses authentic classical Chinese acupuncture - Zhen Ling, which emphasizes  pulse diagnosis and the nature's influence on human being. It has powerful effect on balancing the patients' systems, hence a fast improvement of both the symptom and root of the health issues.


Phoebus Tian

Phoebus Tian is a qualified practitioner of Chinese medicine from Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine. After 2 years working in an orthopaedics unit of a hospital, he joined an international exchange program to teach in the UK.   He was offered a teaching position at the London South Bank University where he supervised and instructed multi-culture background students. He also gives lectures in different universities throughout Europe.    

Phoebus uses a combination of Chinese and Japanese acupuncture, to provide an acupuncture as gentle as possible. He is specialised in modern medical acupuncture and traditional acupuncture, as well as classic Chinese medicine herbs. He uses a personalised, client-focused approach that enables him to work with clients to address the underlying causes of health issues and promote optimal wellness.

Phoebus has several areas of special interest including: Stress management, Male and Female Infertility,  IVF assistance, Rheumatoid arthritis, Anti-ageing and Pain conditions. He also practises in Harley Street.