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Acupuncture for Sports Injuries


Sports injuries are common, and vary from minor toe injuries to major complex trauma. Usually, only soft tissue is damaged, but there can also be fracturing of bone. Soft tissue injuries include sprains, strains and bruising. A sprain is a partial or complete rupture of a ligament, a strain is a partial tear of muscles and a bruise is a rupture of tissue leading to a haematoma. Any soft-tissue injury can lead to a tenderness, swelling, haematoma, scarring, fibrosis and loss of function. For sports professionals, sports injuries can seriously affect their carrier. For non-professionals, it affects their daily work and life.


Acupuncture is an effective treatment for sports injuries. It reduces inflammation, relaxes muscles and tendon, decreases bruising and improves the local blood circulation. All these effects can be achieved by just a few needles. Although it looks easy, there is profound acupuncture and meridian theories behind this simple treatment.


At Watford Acupuncture Clinic, most our patients with sports injuries see the improvement after one or two sessions of treatment. Please see our patients' testimonials for more information.

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